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Returns & exchanges

We aim to deliver your product to all-round satisfaction.
If you find anything amiss with the product, please let us know straight away. Email us at If you include a photograph of the damaged product, we can send you a new item immediately.

If unfortunately the product just does not meet your expectations, you have a legal right to view the product for 14 days. Within this period you can exchange or return the item. The amount, including one-time shipment costs, will be repaid into your account as soon as possible. In order to facilitate the dispatch, please email us the details of your product; as the subject of your email you can simply state ‘Return of [order ID]’.

Please pack the items into the original containers to avoid damage during transport. Only then can we credit the amount. Send your package, sufficiently post-paid, to:
Toffe Stoffen
Koninginnelaan 3
1182 AS Amstelveen

We do not accept return shipments
that are insufficiently post-paid.

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